Website Dilemma: User Content Versus SEO

Website Dilemma: User Content Versus SEO


Both user content and SEO keyword strategies should be used together, yet it can be difficult due to changes that company owners and webmasters must make according to regulations of search engines. These rules and regulations don’t always match up with what readers want to read, so it is important to try to find a healthy balance.


In some cases, balance is impossible and you must lean slightly one way. One reason for this is because the Google algorithm bots cannot see visuals the same way that humans are able to. We as humans generally prefer graphs and maps over text, and visuals usually need to be interpreted. A Google bot cannot do this, which is why websites are torn between a text rich in keywords and creating a beautifully appealing graphic. Because of this, both user content and SEO are necessary for success.


Break Text Into Points and Subheadings

An important fact is that readers enjoy reading text that is broken into bullet points and subheadings so they can catch certain points they may be looking for. Google claims that companies can write naturally and their keywords should appear naturally. While this may be true, webmasters love adding extra to attempt to boost their SEO even more. They do this by adding keywords into their headings and titles.


Site Readers & Visitors Always Come First

Both user content and SEO can work together, it just takes a little more effort. The best solution may be to think about your readers and site visitors as your first priority, and SEO as second. This does not mean you should ignore SEO and keywords! Make sure to be thorough without being overbearing. Also do some test keyword research to check that what you are writing about is something that will appear in rankings.


Remember that SEO should never come first. Doing so may put you on a higher page ranking, but it won’t mean anything if the content isn’t engaging your audience! We are experts at creating your site and providing content-writing for you here at 405 Media Group in order to boost rankings!