Top Tips: Blogging for Business

Top Tips: Blogging for Business

Blogging is Necessary!

Whether you are just starting your business, are small, or you are growing in size, it is important to have a blog that in maintained and received posts regularly. Check out these tips on how to be the number one in the search engines and rank higher than your competition:

Double Check your Title

You must have a title tag and keywords that are in the title that make it as interesting as possible. This is a very important aspect of your post, as it is the first impression of the site and no one will even open up your post without a great title.

 Page Headings

Make sure that you use H1, H2, and H3 tags correctly! H1is for the main page title, subheadings should be in H2, and sub subheadings should be in H3.

 The Description

This description should be able to sell your page while also describing what is on it. When you search, you will see descriptions where the keyword shows up many times. Without a good title, no one will open and read your post.

Link Your Google to Google Plus

By linking these together, you will get an increase of visitors exponentially and enhance your brain as well.

Duplicate Content

Make sure you get rid of duplicate content either in the website or on different websites. You should ensure that you re-direct old web pages to the new ones.

Using Internal Links on Your Blog

Each page of your site will have an amount of link juice that can be passed to other pages. It is important to interlink your pages and funnel them toward the key content of your site.

Use Tools to Determine Performance

Find out more about how your website is performing using webmaster tools. You should use the services provided by Bing and Google . To find out more on how links to your websites, broken links in your site, keywords being searched and showing tools you can understand your business presence online better and fix any problems that may come up.

Use a Site Map

Site maps tell the search engines exactly which pages are in your site.

Follow each of these rules when it comes to your social media and blog posting and you will have further improved your business!