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Top Trends with Web Design

Looking back over the years, you can see what design trends stuck and what didn’t. They key here is the difference between a trend and a fad. A fad is hot, but only lasts for a short time, while a trend usually lasts for a few years. There are some new trends for the year 2014 to keep a lookout for to keep you customer as engaged as possible. Afterall, your website is your showroom. You want it to not only display the correct information, but to look appealing to the eye, too.

  1. Simplicity – Your site needs to be easy to navigate and use. Avoid unnecessary information to get the message across with less clutter. You must tell a message, not just have it look pretty if its not workable.
  2. Video– The best way to get the user engaged is to use animations or tell a story through a video. Videos are easy to share online and keep the user highly engaged. You can see the engagement statistics through online tools that measure the effectiveness. Having videos in place of text make it easier on the reader and get the information across in a faster manner.
  3. Long scrolling sites– An easier format to display content is to make a long scrolling website. Also have format changes, so the user doesn’t  realize how far they have been scrolling, and keeps them reading more.

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