Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing turns prospects into customers

Many business owners roll their eyes when Social Media is brought up.  Some see it as a fad and are hesitant to get involved.  In some cases, we agree!  There are numerous irrelevant Social media platforms that do not benefit businesses.  But, Social media isn’t just about bragging or telling people about your day!  It’s about generating leads for your business and growing your brand.
Doing Social Media correctly is critical in today’s market and Social Media Buzz has now become a much more important ranking factor.

Efficient Social Media Marketing

With our systems, we will create and manage sophisticated lead generation platforms.  Our systems are focused on retrieving e-mail addresses, names, addresses, and phone numbers of your prospects.
We will also help you keep your market informed by posting content that separates you from your competitors.  Show your audience new projects, explain how you solved customer problems and show how you are the wise choice for their money.

Social Media

Currently the top Social Media sites for business are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Pinterest

Your full-service Social Media agency

Let’s face it, social media is here to stay.  Today’s consumer is armed with the ability to research you and your market better than ever before.  Social media is a great “word-of-mouth tool” that connects customers to brands.  This referral connection drives customer perceptions and buying decisions.  Since a recent study showed 86% of online adults in the US engage with social media, your business needs to be involved in relevant conversations and providing solutions.  Social media is an outstanding and cost effective branding tool that is currently underutilized by most businesses.

Social Media management

We will establish a presence on social networks to provide the absolute most benefit for your particular business.  Not every social media platform is right for every business.  Our team of experts will create the simplest and most efficient social media platform possible.

Social Media paid marketing

With over 900 million users, Facebook is a great place for your business to be.  Facebook advertising gives you tremendous opportunity to create a buzz about your business, build your brand and expand your audience.  Your business will gain exposure to targeted audiences sorted by location, age, interests and more.  The options for fine tuning your ads are plentiful.  Text or image- based split testing provides a wealth of usable data to drive your business forward.