Search Engine Optimization

If You Want Your your Company to Rank #1 on Google Searches for your Services, You Need 405 Media Group!

Search Engine Optimization keeps your website in front of local internet users looking for your services.

At 405 Media Group, we don’t just design beautiful websites, we work continually to promote your services, generating sales leads, and positioning your company as a leader in the industry.

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Is working with search engine algorithms to position your website as the most trusted option in your service area. When done correctly your site is placed on the first page of the search engines for the terms that most accurately describe the services you perform.

How 405 Media Group Search Engine Optimization Works for companies

Our SEO services include a host of different tasks and online marketing services that contribute to the growth of your business by promoting your online presence. Here are some of the most popular white-hat SEO practices and how they impact your online rankings:

  • Optimized Web Design
    – Having a properly designed website is the first step in creating online success.
  • Keyword Targeting
    – We target keywords and keyword phrases that have high buying intent to get you the most results.
  • Business Listings
    – Having consistency in your business details increases your trust in the search engines.
  • Third Party Engagement
    – Utilizing tags on social media increases engagement with people across all platforms.
  • Blogging & Content Creation
    – Engaging content keeps your site fresh in search engine rankings.
  • Targeting Your Service Area
    – Tagging nearby areas yields more conversions.
  • Innovative Review Building
    – Building a high amount of positive online reviews on popular sites can help search engine rankings, not to mention trust in your business.
  • Eliminating Barriers to Success
    – Our ongoing analytics show us what areas are lacking so that we can fix them.

Analytics and Tracking Support Our SEO Services by Giving a Big Picture View of Your Online activity.

While SEO services are an important part of online marketing, they are meaningless without tracking your website’s performance. At 405 Media Group, we don’t just stop with Google’s Analytics program or Search Console; we also monitor competitor rankings, analyze user interactions, research trending keywords, and track your rankings with search engines. Here’s some of the analytics services we provide our clients:

  • Google Search Console & Analytics
    – These tools analyze searches for your business and traffic that comes into your website.
  • Organic Rank Tracking
    – We keep an eye on your organic search engine rankings and track your progress.
  • Competitor Monitoring
    – You’re not the only one whose website performance we track; we also keep an eye on your competitors to make sure you’re number one.
  • Keyword Research
    – We don’t just look up the best performing keywords; we continually research how competitive keywords are and which variations on keywords are best.
  • Domain Authority & Backlink Monitoring
    – We also monitor indicators of how well your website is ranking like site authority and backlinks.

Start Your Company on the Path to Success with Proven SEO Strategies

Like our web design and social media marketing, 405 Media Group SEO services are tailored for your industry. We’ve done the legwork to find out what works for companies like yours, and we’re proud to put it to work for you! Contact us today for more information about how SEO can lead to success for your business.