Review Tool Terms of Service

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1. SCOPE OF WORK: COMPANY does hereby retain and engage CONTRACTOR in his/her professional capacity to provide online marketing, and/or other services as agreed to on a project-by-project basis. CONTRACTOR shall be an independent contractor and shall be solely responsible for payment of all taxes and/or insurance as required by federal and state law. SCOPE:

Review tool build out ($750) and monthly membership ($75 per month)

2. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Either party may terminate this agreement upon 60 day notice to the other. 

3. COMPENSATION: COMPANY shall compensate CONTRACTOR as follows:  All payments are made via auto bill/credit card.  If monthly fee falls 60 days delinquent CONTRACTOR reserves the right to deactivate the membership.  Once bill is paid in full membership will be reactivated. 

4. OWNERSHIP OF WORK:   Any creation of reviews for COMPANY remains COMPANY’S throughout duration of this contract and after termination.   

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