Paid Ads

A paid ads strategy can offer a lot of diversity to your marketing plan

Online Advertisements From 405 Media Group: Targeted Advertisements Generate Sales Leads for Roofing Companies Specializing in Commercial Pavement Services, and More.

Reach Your Target Audience Where They Spend Most of Their Time: Online!

405 Media Group offers your roofing company a proven ad model that has worked for roofing contractors throughout the country. Our turnkey online marketing program gives your roofing company visibility to people looking for your roofing services in the most cost effective ways.

Our Proven Paid Advertising Methods Get High Sales Conversion Rates.

The conversion rate is the percentage of users who go from looking at your ad to contacting you for services, i.e. they’re converted from a potential sales lead to a customer. Here are some of our online advertising solutions that consistently have high conversion rates for our roofing industry clients:

  • Targeted Ad Group Creation
    – All our ads groups are built to target specific keywords to increase relevance and conversion.
  • Negative Keyword Monitoring
    – We use negative keyword lists to exclude similar but irrelevant keywords that can dilute your message and spending power.
  • Creativity in Ad Design
    – Our marketing experts craft dynamic ads that encourage visitors to click and create excitement around your brand.
  • Brand Extensions
    – We use full brand extensions like ‘contact us’ prompts to create more visibility for your company’s services.
  • Proper Configurations
    – We make sure everything is properly configured so that your ads hit local markets during the highest conversion periods.
  • Ad Optimization
    – We work with Google algorithms to optimize your ads; our talented staff work hand in hand with AI programs to make sure your ads are the best it can be.
  • Local Map Ads Strategy
    – By using local map triggers and other localized strategies, we connect you with sales leads in your area.
  • Strategic Landing Pages
    – Your ads always connect with a custom landing page that furthers your message, leading to more conversions.

Paid Advertisements: Type and Platform Matter.

Part of our online strategy is to use the right kind of advertisement on the platform that will give it the most power. Here’s some of the most common online advertisements we’ve successfully used for our clients:

  • Search Ads on Google:
    These kinds of ads give your company immediate visibility by getting your company’s name in front of customers who are actively looking for pavement services. This type of advertisement is highly successful with roofing businesses.
  • Local Searches:
    Google also allows advertisements to show up on local maps when searching for local communities. These ads have high click-through rates, but they need specialized settings to pop up. This is a great way to get your roofing company in front of locals.
  • Google Remarketing Ads
    – Ever searched for something and then seen ads for it on other websites afterwards? These are Google remarketing ads, and we can create a dynamic remarketing campaign that highlights your specialized roofing services.
  • Google Affinity Marketing
    – Utilizing Google information, we target users that have clicked on other roofing sites or have shown an interest in paving. These ads work well on leads who have been searching for the best roofing contractor for a large project.
  • Yahoo and Bing Ads
    – Though it is the most commonly used search engine, other sites like Yahoo and Bing can also return great results for a low cost per click. These search ads allow you to diversify the audience you reach.
  • Facebook Advertising
    – We use the organic networking on Facebook to target specific audiences for your roofing services, such as local homeowners, business owners, or those who have searched terms like driveway or parking lot.
  • Facebook Remarketing
    – Like remarketing on Google, we use Facebook advertising settings to show ads to people who have clicked on your website before. This advertising strategy works very well for roofing companies.
  • Advertising on LinkedIn
    – Placing ads on professional networking sites is a great way for roofing businesses to get commercial clients. This platform allows you to target whole industries like construction or specific job titles like property manager.
  • Content Marketing:
    Advertising industry-related content rather than your specific roofing services positions your company as experts in the roofing field and provides education on roofing topics rather than a hard sales pitch.

Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing Your roofing Business Online! Let 405 Media Group Get You More Sales Leads and More Customers With Online Marketing Strategies Tailored to the roofing Industry!

If you’re a business owner in the roofing industry, whether you specialize in residential roofing or commercial roofing projects, we can help you extend your reach and get more sales with marketing strategies targeted specifically to the roofing industry. Our consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose! Call us today at 866-204-1010 or click here, and we can discuss which roofing specific marketing solutions are best for your business. Discover why we’re the leaders in social media and online marketing for roofing companies all over the US!