Smart business owners are doing this with online reviews …

Smart business owners are doing this with online reviews …

The Internet is not going away. It has become an essential tool that people use to conduct research before they buy.

Smart business owners realize this and are using it to gain an edge over their competition by creating procedures and leveraging technology to collect as many positive reviews from their customer base as possible.

By doing this day after day they are building “monsters” that will be hard to compete with in the future.

Think about this … A recent stat showed 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

So if your competitor has 180 people sharing their positive experience … 180 people speaking highly of their company … 180 reasons why to choose their company … and then you only have 3 reviews – one negative and two positive and one of the positive ones you posted yourself … who do you think a prospect is going to choose to do business with?

That is what the future looks like – and that’s why you have to act now before you get left behind.

At 405 Media Group, we have developed a powerful new tool that will allow you to amass a vast collection of positive reviews and gain an advantage on the competition.

This tool is also extremely cost effective to use at just $75 per month and a one-time build out fee of $750 that includes

  • 4 business day turn time for account creation and dashboard set up
  • 1 hour kick off training
  • Full support that’s just a phone call away
  • Access to our video tutorial library
  • Best practices guide to help your company implement the tool into your day to day business
  • And more

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