How online reviews impact your business

How online reviews impact your business

Who would you do business with – a business with a 1.5 star rating or a business with a 4.0 star rating?

Statistics show that only 14% of consumers would consider using a business with a one or two star rating but 94% of consumers would use a business with a four star rating.

That’s how important your reviews are – yet it is so easy for a competitor, a disgruntled employee or a customer with unrealistic expectations to post a bad review and harm both your business’s reputation and its bottom line.

So what’s the answer?

405 Media Group has developed a new Review Tool that allows you to generate more positive reviews while also preventing negative ones.

This tool will help you:

  • Protect your business
  • Alleviate customer concerns
  • Build a sterling reputation
  • Position your business as an industry leader

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