How important are online business reviews?

How important are online business reviews?

Today a business’s reputation is much more about what customers say about it online than what the business says about itself.

Look at these statistics:

  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews with 88% of them reading reviews to determine the quality of a local business
  • Only 14% of consumers would consider using a business with a one or two star rating vs 94% of consumers who would use a business with a four star rating
  • Reviews produce an average 18% uplift in sales
  • Only 12% of consumers do not read reviews
  • Star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business
  • 88% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations


On average, a consumer will now look at over 10 information sources before making a purchase and 68% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

The bottom line is if you do not have a Review Strategy you are putting the future of your business at risk. At 405 Media Group, we have developed a unique tool that allows you to both generate more positive reviews and prevent negative reviews.

It’s the easiest, most convenient, most cost effective way to build a sterling online reputation.

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