Is Your Website Content Dated?

Is Your Website Content Dated?

In this day and age, it is really important to have a website, since much consumer activitiy and searching is done on the Internet. While you may have a website developed, your content may be rather outdated. Say you formed your website when you started up your company, and that was about five years ago; or maybe it has been longer. Either way, it is important to routinely view your website and update information, as things are always changing. This may seem rather tedious, but it is often the first impression potential customers have about your company.

Start with fixing the errors on your site. This say seem rather obvious, but you may be surprised at home many websites have simple spelling, typing, and grammatical errors. New visitors will find even the slightest of errors, and that could be the difference between their choice of your services or your competitor’s.

Another way to update your website is through a new blog entry, article, or other content. This should be done at least once or twice a week so you can fill your site up with fresh and valuable information that your customers will want to read. This can also optimize your site and company for search engines.

You can also get some good press from your website, which helps build new leads. You can do this by writing an SEO press release or creating any newsworthy event and let the media know you’ve got news. By taking these simple steps to polish up your website, you can increase your online awareness, get the media talking about you, and build credibility for your customers.