Have You Checked Your Reputation Online Recently?

Have You Checked Your Reputation Online Recently?



One of the services we provide at 405 Media Group involves creating and managing your business’s reputation, also known as ORM. This involves more than simply checking for online links, as it’s also about listening to and monitoring your actual presence on the web, and how people feel about your services, products, and company overall. Not only are we looking at the negative feedback and comments about your business, but this is also a great way to find strategies to increase your positive reputation on the Internet. How do we do this? By implementing many different approaches, including SEO on Google, social media platforms, review sites, and blogging.


Google is still one of the best ways to initiate your campaign of the positive image you would like to project for your business. Start by searching anything related to your company including your company’s name, products, services. Knowing the results you used for keyword searching is a large component of figuring out where people are complaining and also praising your company on the web. Review channels are also a great tool to use when it comes to monitoring. When brands do not have an online presence but they are listed on a review site such as Yelp with a few negative comments, those negative comments will be displayed on the first page of Google when searching for the company’s name. This can be avoided through establishing yourself and company online, which is what we do here at 405 Media Group.


Another aspect of Google is the search engine may not always show what is being said about your business on social media platforms and channels such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Searching these sites for any mentions regarding your brand is crucial, as angry customers might not go the extra mile to write an extensive review on review sites, but often vent their anger on their favorite social media platform.


Lastly, it is important to maintain and update a blog for your company. Include information about your company’s services, products and customer testimonials – everything that your audience is interested in. We have found great success with the companies we work with and for when it comes to their online presence because of our dedication to their online reputation, and we would be more than happy to help you and your business!