Social Media: Facebook and Hashtags

Social Media: Facebook and Hashtags


As you may know, Facebook has joined the likes of Twitter, Google+, and Instagram in supporting the use of Hashtags. Hashtags are when you add the pound symbol (#) in front of a word in a post to show the significance of that post. For example, we might use the #SEO Hashtag on our 405 Media Group Facebook and Twitter page. Any Hashtag you use is linked automatically to every appearance of that Hashtag on the network, which allows for users to see conversations and posts that use the specific Hashtag that they might not have seen otherwise. This could be extremely beneficial to businesses around the world.

As of last month, approximately 4.75 billion posts are created every day on Facebook, and many of these posts are regarding the same topics, according to Facebook. Up until now, Facebook users could only see what their friends were posting about. Because of the use of Hashtags on Facebook, this very idea has changed.

Facebook has officially announced that they will be incorporating the use of Hashtags for a select group of people and pages, and will be rolling out the entire functionality across the entire network in the upcoming weeks.

You will be able to use Hashtags in Facebook Advertising! This allows Facebook Pages to participate in larger conversations and be found more easily by all Facebook users. If you have not created a Facebook Page to reach your audience, now is the perfect time to get it up and running! As you provide information and include Hashtags that relate to your topic posting, you will reach a larger audience, meaning meaning people will “like” your Page. Remember, just because you add a Hashtag onto your post doesn’t necessarily mean that more of your existing followers will see that post – your activity will still be regulated by Facebook EdgeRank. Using the Hashtag means that your post will increase in visibility only if you choose a Hashtag that others are interested in and actually click on.


If you are unsure about how to use Hashtags, don’t have a Facebook Page for your company, or simply don’t have time yourself to manage it, contact us at 405 Media Group. We have a team of professionals to assist you with all of your needs, including management of social media!