Website Design

NEW Website Design.  Old Rules No Longer Apply

Web Design has changed drastically.  Businesses know that the web has evolved and they need more from their site.  In fact, a recent study showed that over 80% of business owners do not like their current website and need to make improvements to it!  Since you only have a few seconds to convince a new website viewer to stay on your site, a poorly designed, or unattractive website can turn business away.  That doesn’t have to happen and that is where we help.  As a business owner your goal is to radiate you are the best option in the market, offer the best products, the best service, and the most value.  It is time to showcase that with a new optimized website built with the latest, most effective technology that you are proud to call your own.

Search Engine Optimization- New Clients, Branding & Trust

The last few years have shown monumental shifts in online usage and online behavior.  This means you can no longer build a site and leave it alone or you will be left behind!  Clients choose 405 Media Group because we design stunning, cutting-edge, Search Engine Optimized websites built to convert and connect to your market.  We don’t stop there! Today’s online marketplace demands a comprehensive strategy including search engine optimization, content optimization, tracking, and competitive analysis.  Simply keeping your focus on delivering the best possible products and service is just not enough.  Over 80% of all transactions now include internet search to find the best solution. 405 Media Group will put you in a position to be found when your customer needs you.  Top Google rankings, top content to inform your marketplace, and a comprehensive reputation management system will showcase your positive impact.