Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face it, if you are not ranking in the search engines, you are missing the majority of hungry customers that need your service or product.  Times have changed and computers and smart phones have made shopping for services/products easier than ever.  Search Engine Optimization has become a priority for today’s business owner.
That is where we come in.

Here is what we do

Step 1.  Analyze  

We’ll find out what your customers are looking for.  What terms do they use when searching?  How do they think about your service or products?  What are the high traffic search terms?  Who are the leaders in your marketplace?  Do you share keywords?  What keywords are you missing?  How is their site structured?  Where are the on-page SEO opportunities?  Can we neutralize promotional campaigns?  How can we make inroads and create your presence to become the online leader?

Step 2.  Strategize

We’ll compile our findings and create a systematic content and promotion strategy for you to dominate the search engines for your key terms and locations that you serve.  Proper attention is paid to your competition here.  Where are they weak?  Where can we best attack?  We’ll also map our social media platform, customer follow-up program, direct response options, and more.

Step 3.  Execute 

We’ve created the plan and this is where it goes live.  Throughout each phase of the build out, you’ll know exactly what’s happening and why we are doing it.  You’ll also be updated on our progress through ranking reports, traffic reports, conversion metrics and more.

Step 4.  Monitor-Improve-Execute

Once your search engine rankings are moving up, we watch them like a hawk to find our openings and maximize your results.  We also keep an eye on your competition.  If there are new players in your market, we’ll make the adjustments on the fly to keep improving your profile and business.  SEO is like a running race, once you have a big lead, you NEED to keep running!  This is the key to long term, real, SEO and market domination.

Call us today to discuss a winning strategy for your business… Before your competitors do!!