Follow Up Marketing

Follow Up Marketing

At 405 Media Group our goal is to maximize your business, increase your conversions, and increase your profitability.  A key ingredient is our follow-up marketing strategies and systems.  Let’s face it, most businesses don’t have a systematic follow-up sales/marketing plan (other than instructing sales people to “follow-up”).  Studies show that over 80% of all sales happen on or after the 5th contact or conversation, so not following up with prospects can be a very costly problem.

Why Don’t Companies Follow-Up?

With leads and customers being so valuable and expensive to create, why don’t businesses follow-up?  All business owners want to follow-up, but when businesses are in full swing, it becomes difficult to stop, create, and implement new cumbersome strategies.  Oftentimes we hear, “my sales people just won’t do it,” or “I don’t have enough people,” or “we get too busy,” or “we’ve got to get to the new leads first.”  These realities are real and scream for a systematic, hands off follow-up system which regularly makes contact with your prospects and customers.

Key Components to our Follow-Up Marketing

  • Customer Segmentation-  Create custom sequences for clients, prospects, referral sources, and more.
  • Automated Emails-   Have marketing messages sent on a custom schedule to increase conversion and show your proficiency.
  • Email Open tracking–   Find out and track who is opening and clicking through your emails to laser target your “interested” prospects.
  • Sequenced Direct Mail–   Have postcards or mail pieces sent automatically to make sure that your prospects and clients are contacted on schedule.

Follow-Up Marketing Works!

Customers don’t make buying decisions on our time schedules!  They buy on their own schedules, and when they decide to buy, you need to be there!  Your message needs to be front and center in their mind. Let our follow-up marketing systems leverage your sale people’s time and increase their closing percentages.  More sales with less effort = happy employees and happy business owners!