Determining the effectiveness of any new marketing initiative is essential to deciding how your business should move forward. With hundreds of tools out there designed to do just this, it can be a maze trying to figure out which one is the best for your company. However, not using these tools is like trying to fly a plane without any instruments – it might be possible, but it’s a little nuts.

Our analytics service is designed to take the stress, confusion, and complexity out of marketing data analysis. From collection to reporting, we’ll help you fine-tune your strategies based on what’s working and what’s not. By consistently evaluating traffic flow, conversion rates, and a multitude of other metrics, we’ll be able to get you the most out of every dollar spent on things like display ads, e-mail drips, and SEO campaigns.

Collecting data, tracking the success rate, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing initiatives is just as important as getting them up and running in the first place. Our service puts your data in the skilled hands of a trusted Google Partner, and we’re ready to implement the latest technologies in order to bring you an up-to-date analysis on clicks and conversions. This allows us to deliver valuable information about how your business can improve its visibility, and how your website can produce more solid leads.

We keep the big picture in mind, because looking at data from individual channels is simply not enough in today’s markets. We combine social, web, e-mail and other channels to determine which campaigns are delivering. Meanwhile, the depth of skill in our department can find the holes in your overall marketing campaigns, identifying where more significant efforts and resources should be placed.

Remove the uncertainty from your marketing efforts by knowing exactly what they are producing in terms of visibility, new leads, and new customers. By opting into our analytics program, you can take the confusion out of the equation and focus on the results being produced.