Concentrate On Trust, Not Content

Concentrate On Trust, Not Content


One thing to keep in mind when concentrating on content marketing is the idea of developing a sense of trust. You must work to cater the content around you and what makes your business stand out, not revolve around a product or service that you are selling. People tend to buy or go with a company that they like, is familiar, and which they trust.


A great advantage that small businesses have over larger corporations is the fact that because they are smaller, the smaller businesses are able to become more personal and relatable with their target audience. In today’s blog post, we will provide you with some great strategies and ideas to become better at content marketing.


At this point, you are well aware that social media is a great tool to use, but its main purpose is to direct these viewers to your actual website. Your site is where you answer all of your potential customer’s questions personally and in great detail, which is how you create loyalty.

One of the best ways to get your customers to trust you is by answering their questions in a clear and honest way. If your answer or information you provide comes across more like an advertisement or a sales letter, then you are not doing content marketing. Trust is not built by pushing sales, but by selflessly helping those who need it. Whether you use an approach to inform, entertain, or tell personal stories to your audience, you must not hard sell. Anything other than selling is bound to develop a connection, which will eventually turn into trust.

What will also make you successful in content marketing is to remember that it is simply not about you. It’s not about your company and it’s not about your products or services. It is not about what great work you do in the community, or the ideal location of your business. Once you make it all about you and your company, you lose the trust of your customers, and therefore, future customers.

It is about your customers and THEIR needs! Your customers want to read about what is on their minds, so ALWAYS consider the mindset of your audience. While everything should revolve around the customer’s needs, it is still rather important to have people recognize that you are an active participant, and a team player, then they will treat you as a member of the team. You cannot stop by and share a few things the day before you need those same people to share or promote your information for you. You and your business must commit to your community, and your network depends on you being there for them as much as it depends on them being there for you. In other words, don’t overdo it by constantly posting on social media, but stay involved and engaged consistently. This includes promoting other businesses and establishing relationships, because making friends on social media channels should be done way before you need them, which goes along with the concept of building trust, which is at the heart of marketing for small business success.