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Is Your Website Content Dated?

In this day and age, it is really important to have a website, since much consumer activitiy and searching is done on the Internet. While you may have a website developed, your content may be rather outdated. Say you formed your website when you started up your company, and that was about five years ago; or maybe it has been longer. Either way, it is important to routinely view your website and update information, as things are always changing. This may seem rather tedious, but it is often the first impression potential customers have about your company.

Start with fixing the errors on your site. This say seem rather obvious, but you may be surprised at home many websites have simple spelling, typing, and grammatical errors. New visitors will find even the slightest of errors, and that could be the difference between their choice of your services or your competitor’s.

Another way to update your website is through a new blog entry, article, or other content. This should be done at least once or twice a week so you can fill your site up with fresh and valuable information that your customers will want to read. This can also optimize your site and company for search engines.

You can also get some good press from your website, which helps build new leads. You can do this by writing an SEO press release or creating any newsworthy event and let the media know you’ve got news. By taking these simple steps to polish up your website, you can increase your online awareness, get the media talking about you, and build credibility for your customers.

Concentrate On Trust, Not Content


One thing to keep in mind when concentrating on content marketing is the idea of developing a sense of trust. You must work to cater the content around you and what makes your business stand out, not revolve around a product or service that you are selling. People tend to buy or go with a company that they like, is familiar, and which they trust.


A great advantage that small businesses have over larger corporations is the fact that because they are smaller, the smaller businesses are able to become more personal and relatable with their target audience. In today’s blog post, we will provide you with some great strategies and ideas to become better at content marketing.


At this point, you are well aware that social media is a great tool to use, but its main purpose is to direct these viewers to your actual website. Your site is where you answer all of your potential customer’s questions personally and in great detail, which is how you create loyalty.

One of the best ways to get your customers to trust you is by answering their questions in a clear and honest way. If your answer or information you provide comes across more like an advertisement or a sales letter, then you are not doing content marketing. Trust is not built by pushing sales, but by selflessly helping those who need it. Whether you use an approach to inform, entertain, or tell personal stories to your audience, you must not hard sell. Anything other than selling is bound to develop a connection, which will eventually turn into trust.

What will also make you successful in content marketing is to remember that it is simply not about you. It’s not about your company and it’s not about your products or services. It is not about what great work you do in the community, or the ideal location of your business. Once you make it all about you and your company, you lose the trust of your customers, and therefore, future customers.

It is about your customers and THEIR needs! Your customers want to read about what is on their minds, so ALWAYS consider the mindset of your audience. While everything should revolve around the customer’s needs, it is still rather important to have people recognize that you are an active participant, and a team player, then they will treat you as a member of the team. You cannot stop by and share a few things the day before you need those same people to share or promote your information for you. You and your business must commit to your community, and your network depends on you being there for them as much as it depends on them being there for you. In other words, don’t overdo it by constantly posting on social media, but stay involved and engaged consistently. This includes promoting other businesses and establishing relationships, because making friends on social media channels should be done way before you need them, which goes along with the concept of building trust, which is at the heart of marketing for small business success.

Affordable Marketing Tips For You


At 405 Media Group, we want to provide you with the best, innovative strategies for your business to succeed. Below are some guiding tips to follow so that your business is top in your industry.

  •  Post videos on your website: videos have been shown to move your ranking on Google keywords searches within approximately 30 minutes of uploading it. Humans are visual creatures, and if you upload a video for your customers, it builds a sense of connection and trust; a personable factor that many businesses do not have. You can make the video yourself or hire a professional for $500 or less in most markets.
  • Provide case studies for your viewers and customers: This practice is rather inexpensive and truly boosts your business’s credibility with happy customer stories. Have customers complete a simple, short phone interview, or create a portal on your website where customers can write their reviews and have them sent to your email. This works for businesses of any and every size and can be done well if you have an employer that has exceptional writing ability.
  • Create a blog and use it to reach out to prospective clients and customers. We use our blog to share information with you that will increase your customer base and polish up your company. We also use it to inform you about the services we provide and implement on a daily basis with our current customers.
  • Add your company to Google Maps/Local. To do this is completely free and important for many reasons. It bring customers to your company when they are in the area, and your business will generally appear high in Google search rankings. By using this tool, customers can also review the company and leave comments, which is great to evaluate your efforts and help understand the customer better.
  • Search forums for new customers. Some forums let you search for people who are interested in your services. When contacting these individuals, also make sure to offer a solution and reply to new or recent topics only.
  • Share information all over the World Wide Web. The best, most inexpensive way to promote a small company. Share a new project you completed, a photo, article, or information that will please your audience on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook. This will help you become better at what you do and inspire those to help people find your company and use your services.
  • Use content curation. People are looking for a specific kind of information specific to your business, and it only costs your time to put all of the content together and thousands of people will come to the site when looking for that specific information.
  • Use online services to grab the attention of media. Every story that features your business is free publicity. You can join for free at (HARO) and answer questions about sources posted by reporters from top publications. You can also get the word out to the media by using inexpensive online services such as This is a great resource for publicity and improving the awareness of your brand or company.

Keep in mind not every marketing strategy works for every business, but a combination of the strategies above are sure to benefit your company.

Have You Checked Your Reputation Online Recently?



One of the services we provide at 405 Media Group involves creating and managing your business’s reputation, also known as ORM. This involves more than simply checking for online links, as it’s also about listening to and monitoring your actual presence on the web, and how people feel about your services, products, and company overall. Not only are we looking at the negative feedback and comments about your business, but this is also a great way to find strategies to increase your positive reputation on the Internet. How do we do this? By implementing many different approaches, including SEO on Google, social media platforms, review sites, and blogging.


Google is still one of the best ways to initiate your campaign of the positive image you would like to project for your business. Start by searching anything related to your company including your company’s name, products, services. Knowing the results you used for keyword searching is a large component of figuring out where people are complaining and also praising your company on the web. Review channels are also a great tool to use when it comes to monitoring. When brands do not have an online presence but they are listed on a review site such as Yelp with a few negative comments, those negative comments will be displayed on the first page of Google when searching for the company’s name. This can be avoided through establishing yourself and company online, which is what we do here at 405 Media Group.


Another aspect of Google is the search engine may not always show what is being said about your business on social media platforms and channels such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Searching these sites for any mentions regarding your brand is crucial, as angry customers might not go the extra mile to write an extensive review on review sites, but often vent their anger on their favorite social media platform.


Lastly, it is important to maintain and update a blog for your company. Include information about your company’s services, products and customer testimonials – everything that your audience is interested in. We have found great success with the companies we work with and for when it comes to their online presence because of our dedication to their online reputation, and we would be more than happy to help you and your business!

New Meaning to SEO

As the world around us changes, so does the data. Ranking factors on search engines such as Google and Bing are no longer solely based on good keywords and site structure. New tactics for building your company and personality on the web seem to be emerging, such as new ranking factors. While ranking factors such as link graph data, keyword data, domain data, and topic analysis are still important, new factors search engines are looking at such as user and usage data, brand signals, offline data potential, social graph signals are crucial to incorporate as well.


If you want to influence all of these, you have to be able to work on everything that falls under the term “marketing.” This includes everything from social media to community building, positioning, branding, emails, CRO, product, and the unique value of the content. In order to move rankings up in major search engines like Google and Bing, we have to be able to control and influence a lot more than we ever had to in the past.


People also do not understand what we do in SEO, as it tends to have a negative connotation, which is far from the truth of what we do for you and your business. We do web marketing, help people grow their companies, attract visitors, and that leads to more conversions on their site. We are here for the betterment of your business and to make sure you are consistently building new leads and keeping them satisfied. We must all adapt to the ever-changing industry and new opportunities and methods come our way, and no one is more prepared to handle change than we are. This change is actually quite positive, as every field matures, and that leads to a better stage.