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Why Content Marketing is the #1 Strategy in Search Marketing

While content marketing is known to improve results on search engine ranking systems, it is also true that effective, high quality content marketing is more of a marketing art than a strategy. If you have not worked to implement content marketing for your business site yet, read further to determine why it is a great idea to start now.

Content marketing helps you solve any issues that your customers may have, which in turn solves your issues as well. Make sure to create content that is relevant to your customer audience and the services your business provides. This allows an easy platform for your customers to look through instead of working hard to find what they are looking for buried in your site. The best way to do this includes creating a blog post or an article posting on your website, while also sending out an email blast to your customers who are experiencing the particular problem at hand. By addressing your customers’ problems through content and sending it out, you are cutting down on customer service time by giving them their answers online.

High quality content writing that includes a great deal of value to your reader will get shared and spread throughout the web. This works to create a credibility and sense of authority attached to your business. Also make sure to have one author publishing content that is created under your content marketing strategy. It does not matter who this individual is, as long as it is consistently them posting. This use of content marketing will allow you to become more established and lead to greater leads and give you additional exposure in Google through Google+.

Consistently creating content for marketing will also strengthen relationships with your customers. This is also important for repeat and loyal customers, as updating your stream with helpful and rich content will keep your readers interested. This can not only include blog post, but video, images, apps, and more. Also work to get your customers involved and create content for you. Having guest authors is a great, creative way to keep your feed interesting. While content marketing is a great way to improve your SEO and drive traffic to your site, old and new customers will benefit from your successful content marketing campaign.

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Top Trends with Web Design

Looking back over the years, you can see what design trends stuck and what didn’t. They key here is the difference between a trend and a fad. A fad is hot, but only lasts for a short time, while a trend usually lasts for a few years. There are some new trends for the year 2014 to keep a lookout for to keep you customer as engaged as possible. Afterall, your website is your showroom. You want it to not only display the correct information, but to look appealing to the eye, too.

  1. Simplicity – Your site needs to be easy to navigate and use. Avoid unnecessary information to get the message across with less clutter. You must tell a message, not just have it look pretty if its not workable.
  2. Video– The best way to get the user engaged is to use animations or tell a story through a video. Videos are easy to share online and keep the user highly engaged. You can see the engagement statistics through online tools that measure the effectiveness. Having videos in place of text make it easier on the reader and get the information across in a faster manner.
  3. Long scrolling sites– An easier format to display content is to make a long scrolling website. Also have format changes, so the user doesn’t  realize how far they have been scrolling, and keeps them reading more.

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Top Tips: Blogging for Business

Blogging is Necessary!

Whether you are just starting your business, are small, or you are growing in size, it is important to have a blog that in maintained and received posts regularly. Check out these tips on how to be the number one in the search engines and rank higher than your competition:

Double Check your Title

You must have a title tag and keywords that are in the title that make it as interesting as possible. This is a very important aspect of your post, as it is the first impression of the site and no one will even open up your post without a great title.

 Page Headings

Make sure that you use H1, H2, and H3 tags correctly! H1is for the main page title, subheadings should be in H2, and sub subheadings should be in H3.

 The Description

This description should be able to sell your page while also describing what is on it. When you search, you will see descriptions where the keyword shows up many times. Without a good title, no one will open and read your post.

Link Your Google to Google Plus

By linking these together, you will get an increase of visitors exponentially and enhance your brain as well.

Duplicate Content

Make sure you get rid of duplicate content either in the website or on different websites. You should ensure that you re-direct old web pages to the new ones.

Using Internal Links on Your Blog

Each page of your site will have an amount of link juice that can be passed to other pages. It is important to interlink your pages and funnel them toward the key content of your site.

Use Tools to Determine Performance

Find out more about how your website is performing using webmaster tools. You should use the services provided by Bing and Google . To find out more on how links to your websites, broken links in your site, keywords being searched and showing tools you can understand your business presence online better and fix any problems that may come up.

Use a Site Map

Site maps tell the search engines exactly which pages are in your site.

Follow each of these rules when it comes to your social media and blog posting and you will have further improved your business!

When Is It Time to Hire a Company For Social Media Support?

 Are you currently using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn? If so, how much of your day is spent online reaching out to your clients and potential clients? While most social media accounts are free to have, there is a large amount of time that must be dedicated to manage and update each different account.

Because we understand everything you have to do within your business, hiring a company that has offers social media management is one of the best decisions to make. 405 Media Group will partner with you and your business to expand and establish your credibility and customer service.


The top 3 reasons you know it is time to hire 405 Media Group include:

  • Your competitors are using social media to reach out and gain customers. Check out your competition’s Facebook Business Page, Twitter account, LinkedIn Company Page, Pinterest account, and any other places they are established online. Do they have a solid community of followers? Are their follows responding and interacting? If you do not find your competition on social media – even better! You can get ahead by setting up various profiles.
  • We have experience with social media. There’s no use in social media if it doesn’t make you money, which is why we can help by showing you how to actually get clients from your social media efforts.
  • You need to focus on running your business, and staying up to speed with social media sites and changes is difficult. It is even more difficult when you are relatively new and looking to expand your business. Hiring a media company will help you reach potential leads online while you continue to run your business. We love what we do and are constantly finding new and creative ways to reach clients so that you are successful.

If you would like to work with a company that offers social media strategy, SEO, Reputation Management and website design efforts, contact us at 405 Media Group today!


Implement Mobile Marketing Strategies


Mobile marketing has become popular in the past year, even moreso than standard online advertising. Today, it is considered out-of-the-norm to not have a smartphone or tablet where you can access the Internet on the go, so optimizing mobile marketing is a wise decision for you and your company.

Become the leader in your industry and pull ahead of the competition by engaging in the following mobile marketing strategies.


  • Promote a mobile-optimized website: While using your smartphone device for surfing the web to find information while on the go, it is likely that you have come across a few company websites that do not have a website developed for your mobile device. This is important to implement, as Internet-optimized sites do not translate 100% accurately to your mobile device. Small businesses must develop a mobile-optimized website for devices such as smartphones and tablets, as many people are not using these devices for the same exact purposes as desktop computers. Also make sure to test these marketing campaigns before launching them to ensure the most user friendly layout.
  • Keep your emails relevant: many people tend to check their emails on the go, and they want to read information that is relevant. Keep your emails short, sweet, and informative. If customers are getting multiple long emails that are full of nonsense, they will get annoyed and easily turned off by the company as a whole. This does not mean you should eliminate email campaigns, because these are extremely beneficial to your company’s success, just be strategic and mindful when creating these campaigns.
  • Keep up with technology innovations and trends: technology is a huge part of society today, especially in the marketing world. Make sure to keep up with new developments in technology so you are able to stay with your customers and maintain your status as a top competitor in your industry.
  • Build an app: not all businesses may need an app or can benefit from developing an app, so consider what the need or purpose would be for an app. If you have decided to move forward with developing an app, take advantage of the most popular features for an app – the feedback option. This offers customers the opportunities to provide feedback, which allows you to build a true relationship online with your customers and also increase your credibility. Remember that negative feedback is also valuable; it is an opportunity to show your extremely great customer service.
  • Share! Give your customers options to share your information by clicking a simple button for your customers on the go. Include social media sharing buttons on all of your mobile content and a sharing via email option.
  • Communicate with customers by text messaging: Text messaging has become a more common, simple means of communication compared to phone calling, so consider adopting text messaging or SMS options for your customers to receive promotions, updates, and information from your business. Just make sure to keep it short, not too frequent, and easy to read.

SEO & Popularity Are Connected

When it comes to page ranking, Google wants the sites that are most popular on top, as do users. This doesn’t mean you cannot be moved down in rankings – you can – which means you have to work to be ranked high. If you are popular and well known, you tend to be credible. Because of this, you have worked to earn a high ranking.

With that being said, hoisting yourself up to popularity can be rather difficult. There are factors that Google takes into account regarding popularity, such as the importance of quantity and quality of who is sharing your content. Social shares themselves are really beneficial for your popularity, even though they do not pass PageRank. Because they are good for your popularity, they are in turn good for your SEO efforts.

Another factor in popularity has to do with how your readers are engaging with your site. Google Analytics provides Google with a lot of information on user behavior, which helps to determine how popular websites are. Some components that help determine page popularity include scrolling on a page, the amount of time spent on the site, bookmarking, and copying/pasting information.

Lastly, links to your site will always improve your SEO. Google is starting to become strict on various linking tactics with links that cheat the system and simply do not deserve to be linked. The bots are improving on selecting good, quality links as we move forward, and this will be even more important when it comes to popularity. This is a good point to remember, as Google has made official algorithm changes and announcements claiming they are attempting to credit more veteran sites that are indeed trusted. The take away: build your SEO by remaining a trusted company and work to gain popularity.

Website Dilemma: User Content Versus SEO


Both user content and SEO keyword strategies should be used together, yet it can be difficult due to changes that company owners and webmasters must make according to regulations of search engines. These rules and regulations don’t always match up with what readers want to read, so it is important to try to find a healthy balance.


In some cases, balance is impossible and you must lean slightly one way. One reason for this is because the Google algorithm bots cannot see visuals the same way that humans are able to. We as humans generally prefer graphs and maps over text, and visuals usually need to be interpreted. A Google bot cannot do this, which is why websites are torn between a text rich in keywords and creating a beautifully appealing graphic. Because of this, both user content and SEO are necessary for success.


Break Text Into Points and Subheadings

An important fact is that readers enjoy reading text that is broken into bullet points and subheadings so they can catch certain points they may be looking for. Google claims that companies can write naturally and their keywords should appear naturally. While this may be true, webmasters love adding extra to attempt to boost their SEO even more. They do this by adding keywords into their headings and titles.


Site Readers & Visitors Always Come First

Both user content and SEO can work together, it just takes a little more effort. The best solution may be to think about your readers and site visitors as your first priority, and SEO as second. This does not mean you should ignore SEO and keywords! Make sure to be thorough without being overbearing. Also do some test keyword research to check that what you are writing about is something that will appear in rankings.


Remember that SEO should never come first. Doing so may put you on a higher page ranking, but it won’t mean anything if the content isn’t engaging your audience! We are experts at creating your site and providing content-writing for you here at 405 Media Group in order to boost rankings!

NEW Website Design.  Old Rules No Longer Apply

You only have a few seconds to convince a new website viewer to stay on your site. In other words a poorly designed or unattractive website can turn business away.
An unprofessional cheap or dated website means lost business. That is where we help.
Business owners believe they are the best in their market, offer the best products, the best service, and the most value.  It Is time to showcase that with a site that you are proud to call your own.

Search Engine Optimization -New Clients, Branding & Trust

The last few years have shown monumental shifts in online usage and online behavior.  This means you can no longer build a site and leave it alone. You will be left behind.  Clients choose for 405 media because we design stunning, cutting-edge, websites built to convert and connect to your market.  We don’t stop there, today’s online marketplace demands a comprehensive strategy including search engine optimization, content optimization, tracking, and competitive analysis.   Simply  keeping your focus on delivering the best possible products and service is just not enough.   Over 80% of all transactions now include Internet search to find the best solution.   405 media will put you in a position to be found when your customer needs you.  Top Google rankings, top content to inform your marketplace and  a comprehensive reputation management system to showcase your positive attributes.

5 Steps of Keyword Research

Figuring out the best search terms for your SEO efforts is extremely important for you to find so you are able to remain successful on search engines. Without the right search terms, the rest of your SEO efforts have more of a likelihood to fail. Researching the best keywords to use will remove the risk of targeting search terms that do not have search volume or are competitive to the point of being almost impossible to get your search terms onto the first page of Google.

Keyword research is not just about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right ones there. Once you have done your research, you will be able to predict market shifts and conditions, including services that possible customers are looking for and content that web searchers are seeking at the moment.

By doing this, you are creating a large opportunity to understand your audience with a very low investment in terms of cost. This is one of the reasons that SEO offers a high return on investment for advertisers willing to do the work needed in order to succeed in this specific, very popular marketing channel. Let’s walk through the 5 steps of keyword research, according to Search Engine Journal:

  1. Create an initial list of search terms that you think your target audience would use to find your website. A helpful way to determine this is by using your competitor’s website: right-click on their site and view the source code to look for the Meta keywords listed. These are the keywords they have found to be their most important searches in landing on their site and could be good for your starting point, along with any terms you came up with on your own.

  2. Next, take your list of search terms and put them into the Google Keyword tool: After you’ve entered the search terms, click on the search button to show a list of related terms and their monthly traffic volumes per term.

  3. Create a document via excel with the search terms found in the Google Keyword Tool. Enter them based on their traffic competition and highest monthly traffic volumes. Choose about five to ten keywords toward the top of the list that you feel are most appropriate for your website.

  4. Next, check out the overall competitiveness of the search terms on your list. Google provides a competition score in the keyword tool, but this only shows the paid search competition and isn’t relevant for SEO. Because of this, you may want to use a tool such as: Target search terms that are only considered low to medium in competition.
  5. After this, enter your search terms into a rank tracking software so you can keep track of your key search terms while also comprehending the activity impacting overall rankings for the search terms you target. Do so by using this tool:

Finding the correct keywords for targeting your SEO efforts is the first step in getting your page at the top of Google rankings. If you get it right, you will be well on your way to becoming successful on search engines!