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3 Keys to Social Media Success

When companies use social media the right way, it can boost their search engine rankings, allow better customer service and build an effective, engaging online personality. Entreprenuers think that by just posting the content, that it is enough, but that’s where they are wrong. They need to be engaging online in conversations.

1. Answer questions from customers and clients. Using social media as a customer service platform is a great way to strengthen the relationship with you customer. By using the hashtag symbol and tagging your customer in the response, they will get a direct notification from you. Customers might not bother with a direct message, thinking they might not get an immediate response, but they won’t hesitate to tag you in a complaint for all to see. When you are tagged in a complaint, anyone that searches that term can see it, in addition to the owner’s friends network. This is great opportunity to respond because you can correct the issue directly and save your reputation if it was damaged.

2. “Like” Content. Use the “like” button when someone writes or comments on your wall, that acts as a “thank you.” This is equivalent to a +1 on Google+.  You could also say “thank you;” this is what companies can do to differentiate themselves and creates a great sense of community. When customers feel valued and appreciated, they are likely to continue liking your content.

3.Show gratitude. Build a community and network with those who share common goals, values and interests. Share each other’s posts and like them. Social media can be impersonal, so when you make an effort to change that, people feel appreciated. When you share other’s posts, the odds are likely that they will return the favor and your social network will bloom!

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What Is Brand Personality?

Building yourself to a recognizable status is a crucial step to take in gaining new customers, maintaining loyal customer base, which will allow you to be successful as a business. In order to achieve that, you need to know what it means for your business to have a brand personality. A brand personality is the human traits or characteristics associated with a specific brand name. These traits give a brand or business a known, distinct personality which makes the company more relatable or unique in potential prospects’ minds.

No matter what your industry, target audience, or company may be, every brand has its own unique personality. A thoughtfully strategized and implemented brand personality can mean huge things for your company.


Making a Strong Brand Personality

Building a strong, successful brand personality takes a lot of time and good amount of work, including a few rounds and changes. Here are three steps to get you on the right track:

  1. Research. Strategy always begins with research. When figuring a strategy for your brand personality, you must research about your competition to see what they are doing that may or may not be working. In doing this, you will find information on how their buyers respond to their brand personalities. Also research what personality will sit well with your clients. The easiest way to find out this information is to ask your current or previous customers and clients.
  2. Brainstorm. After you have a clear indication of what is being done and what your prospective clients want, write it down to create your brand voice or mission statement.
  3. Communicate. Once you’ve established your brand personality, let your entire team know and memorize it in order to really drive it out to your clients, especially your members that are creating your marketing materials. The goal is to keep your personality clear and consistent. You want your communication messages to look and sound like they’re coming from the same source. This will allow people to recognize your brand.


Every company has the potential to build an established brand personality. If you haven’t thought seriously about your brand personality, get started to day by contacting us at 405 Media Group!

When Is It Time to Hire a Company For Social Media Support?

 Are you currently using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn? If so, how much of your day is spent online reaching out to your clients and potential clients? While most social media accounts are free to have, there is a large amount of time that must be dedicated to manage and update each different account.

Because we understand everything you have to do within your business, hiring a company that has offers social media management is one of the best decisions to make. 405 Media Group will partner with you and your business to expand and establish your credibility and customer service.


The top 3 reasons you know it is time to hire 405 Media Group include:

  • Your competitors are using social media to reach out and gain customers. Check out your competition’s Facebook Business Page, Twitter account, LinkedIn Company Page, Pinterest account, and any other places they are established online. Do they have a solid community of followers? Are their follows responding and interacting? If you do not find your competition on social media – even better! You can get ahead by setting up various profiles.
  • We have experience with social media. There’s no use in social media if it doesn’t make you money, which is why we can help by showing you how to actually get clients from your social media efforts.
  • You need to focus on running your business, and staying up to speed with social media sites and changes is difficult. It is even more difficult when you are relatively new and looking to expand your business. Hiring a media company will help you reach potential leads online while you continue to run your business. We love what we do and are constantly finding new and creative ways to reach clients so that you are successful.

If you would like to work with a company that offers social media strategy, SEO, Reputation Management and website design efforts, contact us at 405 Media Group today!


What Is Being Said About You?

Are you aware of what customers are saying about your company, including the products and the services you provide? The only way to find out your reputation is by searching yourself!

Take control by literally discovering what is being said about you and your business. This is something every business must do often. The truth is that most businesses are unaware of the fact that they have bad reviews online. In order to find out if customers are leaving bad reviews, use Google. Type in your business or your name into the search engine along with negative words or terms such as “scam” “the worst.” The search engine will give you results of pages that associate your business or name with those words. If you do not get any results, then your online reputation does not need saving!
But what happens if you do get results from that search? When you are presented with a bad review, it is completely normal to feel a little hurt, surprised, and upset. After you calm down, you must work to fix the issue by figuring if there is any validity to the review. Was your company experience a crisis? was one of your employee’s having an off day? Or did your customer simply misunderstand a procedure or standard of your company?

Review sites that remain most trusted have a section for the owner of a business to add a comment to the negative post. You should use this section to apologize for what happened. Customers admire when companies admit to their mistakes and thank them, even for a bad review. This helps your upset client feel like their opinion matters and helps potential customers understand that you are a trusted business that truly cares. After apologizing and thanking the reviewer, try to very briefly explain that this rarely happens and/or will never happen again. Your calming words with allow you to seem like you are a reasonable business and the bad review was just a rant. Also consider the fact that using slight humor can defuse the situation and also attract new customers. The most important thing to remember when responding to any review is to let the client know that you are listening and that you do care.


Good reviews are also good at working to diffuse the negative reviews. If you currently do not have a way to encourage customer reviews, consider creating one for them. Good reviews work to help your online reputation but also help with your search engine rankings too. A great strategy to use for encouraging customer reviews is through the signature line at the bottom of your emails. This works to remind them to leave a review while also not seeming too desperate. To make it easier for the customer, hyperlink the site into your email signature.

Another great way to develop reviews is to offer an incentive for a review: if they leave a review, they could receive a discount off of their next purchase or visit. This does also involve giving an incentive to those that leave a negative review too. Managing your reputation is a continuous process. If you are providing excellence service, monitoring your online reputation, responding to negative reviews, collecting positive reviews, and have a sense of humor, you are truly well on your way to maintaining a positive reputation.

Customer Service: Deliver What You Promise!

While extraordinary customer service is a very important component of your business, being successful at this skill can be rather vague, as the meaning behind the words “customer service” reaches far beyond the surface.

You and your company may be receiving calls or emails from unsatisfied customers that are not having the best experience possible with the services or products you may be providing them. You must fix this by delving deep into customer service and make sure to give them the best experience possible. When we hear the words “customer service,” we tend the think of qualities such as responsiveness, calmness, and offering to make changes to fix the problem at no cost. These elements are all necessary for satisfying your customer, but don’t just skim the surface – take a look at why there is a problem to fix in the first place. You may pride yourself on your company’s ability to handle problems and give the customer a great experience as an ending result to the problem, but look more at how to eliminate having problems in the first place. It is better to provide the customer with what they ask for right away than to have multiple conversations with them to find what they need.

Don’t know what to evaluate to eliminate problems before they happen? Start by examining your interactions, control quality, and systems operations. Assess how often your customer service representatives are reaching customers and what the average for a purchase is and why. This will help you find a number that serves as an indicator that something might have gone wrong.

Next, make sure you establish simple procedures such as having a second person check products coming off of the assembly line to present some hassle that may occur with your manufacturer. Lastly, as your business grows, it becomes easy to become a bit laid back. Make sure to review your manual or create one that includes detailed procedures of handling aspects of your business so that no matter who is completing the job, it is done so the same way each and every time. While a friendly smile makes us feel good, it means little to nothing without well trained employees to ensure customers’ happiness.