Is your asphalt website a lead-killer?

Is your asphalt website a lead-killer?

Just how fast a prospect gets turned off by a website may surprise you.

According to the latest studies, you have less than 3.8 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention and get them to stay on your website. That’s right, most visitors leave a site within 3.8 seconds.

But wait, it gets worse – most visitors form an opinion about your website (positive or negative) in less than two-tenths of a second!

That’s an incredibly short amount of time! If your website isn’t immediately grabbing your prospects’ attention, you are leaving money on the table, and worse, probably driving more customers to your competitors.

Plus, a bad website doesn’t just frustrate prospects; it also causes them to develop a negative opinion of you and your product or service. Good luck trying to convince them to change their minds!

The best strategy is to get a website that attracts prospects, holds their attention, and helps them develop a positive opinion about your business and product/service.

We can help with that. At 405 Media Group, we know the asphalt industry as well as the key converting elements that every site needs to capture prospect interest, answer their questions, and make sure you stand out from your competitors.

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